The Zoev House

The Zoev House in the town Karlovo was built in 1871 by Nikola Djidjev – a local entrepreneur, manufacturer of braided cords and merchant. He was known as one of the town notables, as well as a revivalist engaged in the national liberation movement.

The house was entirely built by Nikola Djidjev. The wood-carved ceiling in the form of a sun was made by the same craftsman, who made the ceiling of the Daskalov’s house in Tryavna.

In 1877, during the Russo-Turkish war, which brought to the liberation of Bulgaria, Nikola Djidjev was hanged by the Turks together with other notables from Karlovo. Now his name is carved on the Vasil Levski monument in the center of the town.

The house was inherited by his daughter, Rada, who married Nikola Zoev, so the house was named after the Zoevs family.

Rada Zoeva was one of the most educated Bulgarian women of the time. She graduated from an American College and subsequently became a public figure, a donor, a founder and lifelong honorary chairman of the Women’s Society in Karlovo. She used to be a patron of arts, so her home was frequently visited by many famous Bulgarian artists.

Nikola Zoev was a member of another prominent Karlovo family. He was the first man from Karlovo to graduate from the Sorbonne with a degree in literature and a doctorate in law. He used to have a rose oil factory. He traded with rose oil and lavender exporting them to many countries, mostly in Western Europe.

Rada and Nikola Zoev used to have a single son, Peter, who died in 1957.

The house was declared a national cultural monument in 1962.

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